This Warranty extends to the original end-user and is not transferable or assignable without the prior written permission of Integra. Any warranty may be modified only in writing and signed by an officer of Integra.

Original proof of purchase and PDU serial number is required to process any Return Materials Authorisation (RMA).

Integra warrants that all products supplied will conform to final specifications, drawings, samples, and other written descriptions approved in writing by the end user and will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period set forth below.  The warranty period shall run from time the Product is invoiced/shipped. Parts replaced or repaired in the warranty period shall restart the original warranty period.

All basic PDU’s carry a lifetime warranty.

All PDU’s with electronics carry a five-year warranty.


Integra will not be liable for any labour subcontracted or performed by the customer for preparation of warranted item for return to Integra’s factory or for preparation work for replacement.  Invoicing of Integra for labour either performed or subcontracted by the customer will not be considered as a liability by Integra.  The liability of Integra is limited to replacing or repairing at Integra’s factory any parts which have been returned to Integra and which are defective or do not conform to such specifications, drawings or other written descriptions; provided that such parts are returned by the customer within 30 days after such defect is discovered.  Integra shall have the sole right to determine if the parts are to be returned to the factory for repair or replacement.  All items returned to Integra for repair or replacement must be sent freight prepaid to its factory.  The customer must obtain Integra’s return Materials Authorisation (RMA) prior to returning items.  The above conditions must be met if warranty is to be valid.  Integra will not be liable for any damage done by unauthorised repair work, unauthorised replacement parts, from any misapplication of the item, or for damage due to accident, abuse, or act of God.  No person, including any Dealer, Agent, or Representative of Integra is authorised to assume for Integra obligation or liability other than expressly stated herein.