In the Data Centre industry, PDU stands for Power Distribution Unit. This can represent two different pieces of equipment in a Data Centre. Firstly, the incoming power can arrive at a panel at the periphery of the floor space or at an ‘End of Row PDU’ which is a 19” rack at the end of the row that then further distributes the power to the rack PDU’s.
The PDU’s that we manufacture are the second type, the Rack Power Distribution Units (rPDU). Available in what is essentially an infinitely variable combination of sockets, plugs, lead lengths and colours.

One ‘U’ is 1 ¾” or 44.45mm. This measurement was standardised around 1922 by AT&T along with the mounting width dimension of 19” for their telephony equipment. These equipment racks were 42U high. There are variations to these measurements, but the vast majority of Data Centres use this size of standard racks to this day.

Slightly misleading but just means that the vertical PDU doesn’t use up any of the U spaces that the 19” equipment is mounted in because it is mounted in the vertical space next to the equipment.

A space either within, or a standalone building dedicated to housing IT or telephony equipment usually in 19” racks with the associated UPS, cooling and PDU’s. Smaller versions with just a few 19” racks are also referred to as wiring closets or data closets.

The acronym IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission, who are an international standards organisation. The two IEC standards that cover the plug and sockets that are commonly used in the data centre industry are IEC60320 and IEC60309.
The IEC60320 standard covers what everyone refers to as an ‘IEC socket’. The 10Amp rated IEC C13 socket which is the most common outlet used in Data Centre PDU’s globally. Mixed socket PDU’s usually also have the 16Amp rated C19 socket. Integra can supply mixed socket PDU’s in both locking and non locking versions. The compatible plug to go with the C13 is the C14 and the plug to fit the C19 is the C20.
The IEC60309 standard covers what most people refer to as a Commando plug. It’s the 16Amp, 32Amp and sometimes 63Amp plugs in either single phase or 3Phase that power rack PDU’s. It also covers the industrial sockets that the PDU’s plug into. Integra offer a range of splitter boxes that allow the installer to split 3phase down to single phase or split higher amperages down to 32Amps or 16Amps.

A Schuko socket is the German standard plug and socket that is widely used in Europe. The Schuko plug also fits the French socket (CEE Socket). Rated at 16Amp it differs from the UK socket in that it doesn’t have a fuse.