Bespoke PDU’s

Hybrid, custom, bespoke, engineered to order? Call it what you will, we can supply you the configuration you want to suit your needs because one size doesn’t fit all. Even if it’s just a longer cord. Some options available include:

  • Brackets – Awkward PDU mounting position? If you need something different, let us know. 
  • Coloured chassis  – To create correct load balancing of the rack equipment and minimizing the risk of error that could lead to accidental downtime, Integra have coloured chassis options to help the installer easily identify the input feed of each PDU. We have eight standard stock colours but other Ral numbers can be supplied. 
  • Cord ID – With the cable spaghetti on top of the rack it would be easy to connect the PDU to the wrong input feed. To avoid this, we colour code the cord to the PDU at the plug. 
  • Locking sockets – Accidents happen. An IEC power cord can easily be disconnected. Our range of locking C13 and C19 sockets help prevent that particular potential downtime. 

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